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please use this to post place a request. please fill out the following form so i can make sure to give you want you are looking for ...

example of what you want it to look like?:
coloring, if any:
anything else i should know?:

and once again, i am fairly new to this so there may be some things i still don't know how to do but i am teaching myself and learning fairly quickly so i will try to place all requests that are made! if for any reason i can't do a certain technique i will let you know as soon as possible and try to direct you to someone who can do it for you.

important notes!

if for any reason i need to close requests i will make a post in the community. any requests made after the date i close requests WILL NOT be fulfilled and your comment will be deleted. please pay attention to request closing as i want to make sure everyone gets the icons they want!

i DO NOT know how to make animated icons. and since i prefer still icons i will most likely not be learning how to make them. so please do not request animated icons! sorry!

thanks for your cooperation!
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