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icons brought to you by jadedvenus

icons from jadedvenus
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19, new icon maker, uses paint shop pro

i began carino_icons to have a place to post my icons and not crowd my personal journal (jadedvenus). the name was inspired by my majoring in italian in school. "carino" is a word for pretty in italian. my icons are pretty diverse. lately i have really been in love with anne hathaway and using pictures from my trip to italy. i also make other celebs, movies, shows ... whatever strikes my interest at the moment! i am only a month or so into discovering paint shop but i am always looking for new ideas, techniques, and inspirations!

feel free to check out my personal journal if you would like. it is not friends only so just post a comment in any entry if you add me.

i hope you enjoy the community!

the rules are simple:
(1) NO hotlinking
(2) comment with what you take so i know what people like best
(3) credit! please! i enjoying making icons and i REALLY enjoy getting credit for them!

if you have any requests please comment HERE!
if you have any suggestions or other comments please comment HERE!

please do not place requests or other comments anywhere else! i will either not see them or just ignore them! this isn't meant to sound rude. it will just keep the community organized much better. thanks so much for your cooperation.

i use brushes and textures from ...

meleada, unmasked_icons,
damnicons, ohpaintbrush,

screen caps from cap_it
(spitefairy, _jems_, hide_r)

other photo sources ...
i heart jake media
anne hathaway fan

layout coded by ...
tasha @

please contact me through the posts linked above.
you can also reach me by sending an e-mail to carino.icons@gmail.com

please do not use my personal journal as a way of contacting me with any questions about the community! i made a separate space for my icons for a reason. thanks!

amethystia100 / par_printemps / graphira / the3witches

comment HERE with your community information and a banner if you are interested!

PLEASE no hotlinking and kindly link all banners back to http://www.community.livejournal.com/carino_icons/profile!